Spring Beauty: Healthy Hydration


In light of Spring, the season of purity, rebirth, life, and growth, we decided that there was no better time than now to give you lovely people tips to do just that for your hair. We’re going to release a Spring Beauty series of posts detailing hair regimens for a healthy (and summer-ready) look. Why? Because we want you to fall more in love with your locks. First up: healthy and hydrated hair.

For our friends who suffer from dry hair, we feel your pain. Dry hair typically experiences shedding, static, oil build-up around the roots, split ends, and difficulty holding volume. It is often the result of repetitive coloring and damage from blow-drying and heat styling. And it is absolutely not fun and quite frankly, hard to look at and manage.

Our recommendation? An Argan Oil Hair Mask to quench the thirst of your dehydrated winter hair.

6 Steps for Healthy Hydrated Hair:

1. Apply 1-3 pumps of The Argan Tree’s Organic Pure Argan Oil Serum into your palm. Extra long or coarse hair may require more.

2. Massage gently into your roots for 2 minutes.

3. Gently work the oil down the shafts of your hair from root to tip.

4. Use 1 more pump of serum to coat split ends.

5. Wrap hair in a hot/warm cloth and leave in for 30 minutes before washing with The Argan Tree’s Eucalyptus Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner, which contains avocado oil, honey, shea butter, and keratin which fills gaps in the hair cortex that make it porous and unable to retain moisture.

6. If you have significantly damaged hair, leave the mask on overnight. You can also use 2 pumps of Argan Oil Serum to massage into ends while your hair is still wet as a leave-in conditioner. As to not over-moisturize, which be just as damaging, be sure to only condition on the bottom two-thirds of hair shafts.

Also, consider investing in a wet-comb and minimizing the amount of heat you apply to your hair. Using a gentle shampoo, like The Argan Tree Shampoo which is sulphate-free and all-natural, ensures to not strip your hair and scalp of necessary moisture.

In the rest of this series, look forward to hair tips involving volume, strength and length, frizz and curl control, and color protection.

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Peace & love,
Sabeen at The Argan Tree

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