Savage Beauty


The late genius of Alexander McQueen inspires my post today to unfold yet another, darker layer of |beauty|. From March 14 - August 2, 2015, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London will house a retrospective called Savage Beauty celebrating the notorious designer’s eighteen-year career in a long awaited homecoming.

McQueen, who hails from London’s East End, has been touted as one of the most imaginative artists of our time. Each of the 244 pieces that comprise the exhibit blur the lines between beautiful and primeval, exploring the paradox of lightness and darkness. Using hair, bones, horns and feathers, McQueen not only challenges the way we look at fashion, but also pushes us to find beauty in both life and death.

The visceral quality of his Gothic-inspired visions demand that we bend our notions of beauty and submit to the savageness that lies beneath the surface, if only to deepen our own understanding of #absolutebeauty.


Peace & love,
Shailin at The Argan Tree

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