Barack |Beauty| - Returning Beauty To Politics In 5 Steps


Politics does not always conjure up thoughts of beauty. If anything, it often does the exact opposite. Most people won’t discuss their political affiliations, philosophies, and thoughts in order to avoid controversy. And some won’t do so merely because they cannot even fathom and/or attempt to discuss all that takes place and gets implemented in their very own countries.

What we, the people of the world, do see, more often than not, is disheartening: poverty, corruption, hate.

But sometimes, politics can be beautiful.

Without outwardly expressing love or hate for POTUS Barack Obama and his policies, we will say that we loved everything he had to say during his speech at Siri Fort, New Delhi. In hopes of creating a partnership with India, Obama exhibited astounding beauty.

The Barack |Beauty| Regimen

Step 1: Thank your host

POTUS was in a different country and as any gracious guest would do, he thanked his host with a “Bahoot Dhanyavad” for being invited to be the first American President to attend India’s Republic Day. As expected, he received a standing ovation and even some whistles.

Barack Obama on Women

Step 2: Appeal to the women

Our native countries are called motherlands for a reason, friends. Women are powerful and beautiful creatures who deserve the utmost respect. They bring us into the world, they care for our wants and needs, and they raise us into the people we will eventually become. Obama pulled on the heartstrings of men and women alike in his plea to educate all women because, “Nations are more successful when their women are successful.” As Beyonce would say, “Who run the world? Girls.”

Step 3: Find common ground

He sought common ground so he talked Bollywood. He quoted an iconic scene from a classic film and even referenced the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. To Indians all over the world, that’s beautiful. Obama made it clear that he had some revered heroes in common with his Indian audience, such as Mahtama Gandhi.

Barack Obama Relgion

Step 4: Make a SMART promise

We’ve all heard of making SMART goals to achieve efficiency and productivity. Obama made SMART promises. He made India a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. He promised Indian farmers more advanced technologies that would help them achieve higher productivity. And he described helping create a more prosperous India.

Step 5: Transcend politics

No matter what the main reason for his trip to India was, Obama beat the intrinsically political nature of his visit by exhibiting two things: compassion and empathy. He celebrated India’s Republic Day and paid tribute to the country’s fallen heroes. He talked to India’s youth about the importance of education. And he dropped some major wisdom bombs by making personal references of his and the prime minister’s lives, daring the people to dream.

Barack Obama Upward Mobility

POTUS Obama, that speech was beautiful.

Peace & Love,
Sabeen at The Argan Tree

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