Beyonce |Beauty| - Always A Winner In Our Hearts


Queen Bey may not have walked away with the most Grammys last night, but to us, she will always represent pure and absolute beauty.

Beyonce 7-11 peace

Like the rest of the world, we weren’t quite sure what Bey was talking about in her song 7/11 from her album Beyonce, and we were okay with that. But what did catch our attention more than anything was how raw and carefree she looked in her video. We got to see Beyonce with no make-up, no worries, no pants, no barriers. She let us into her private house party and paraded around in her undies the way we all do when no one’s watching. While having zero clue if she’s sending us a message about the significance of July 11th or simply addressing how passionately she feels about the convenience store, she made us laugh out loud and smack it, smack it, in the air. That’s |beauty|.

Beyonce 7-11 genuine carefree real absolute

|Beauty| is:

1. Genuine.

It's letting down all guards and being your complete, natural self. If you trip and fall mid-dance move, laugh it off.

2. Carefree.

It's vowing to wear mismatched patterns more often, because really, who cares?

3. Real.

It's singing into your blow-dryer, a truly multi-functional tool.

4. Absolute.

Hence, our motto: |beauty|.

Enjoy. #Kale.

Peace & love from the Beyhive,
Sabeen at The Argan Tree

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