10 Last Minute Valentine's Day Presents


Valentine's Day is that holiday that some love and others love to hate. Regardless, all of us participate because of a special someone in our lives. Because life gets busy and we totally understand, here are some sweet, last minute gift ideas for our procrastinators.

Valentines Day DIY Mug

1. DIY Love Sharpie Mug

Purchase a solid colored mug, one or more oil-based sharpie marker and you're good to go. Design your mug and stick it in the oven for 20 minutes. Before you know it, you've created a very simple, but sweet present for a loved one.

BONUS: This is a great couple's activity too!

Valentines Day Cards

2. A Loving Deck of Cards

Grab a red deck of cards, markers, construction paper, a glue stick, a hole-puncher, and two index card rings. Write out 52 of your favorite things about your significant other and ring them up for a cute coffee table book.

WARNING: This is time-consuming, but totally worth it if the gift-receiver appreciates sentimental presents.

Valentines Day Apps

3. A Bouquet of Apps

Nowadays there's literally an app that appeals to everyone. Make a list of or directly download the apps your sweetheart would love. Throw them in a folder on their phone that says they're from you.

HINT: If you're purchasing any of the apps, be sure you're charging it on your own cards.

Valentines Day Wine and Cheese

4. Wine & Cheese for 2

Pick up your love's favorite bottle(s) of wine because there's nothing sweeter than a night in with a homemade cheese plate. Nights like these are no fuss and absolutely endearing.

REMINDER: For added fun, play some conversation games like Truth or Dare. Couples 21+, only.

Valentines Day Homemade Video

5. Scrappy Homemade Video

There is nothing cuter than a homemade video of iconic moments you and your boo have had together. It shows your loved one that not only do you have a series of ridiculous photos of them, but that you also adore them.

PS: We can't get enough of Jay and Bey.

Valentines Day Argan Tree

6. Discounted Argan Products (shameless plug)

Not gonna lie, I would love if my man bought me The Argan Tree products. Apply this discount code at Amazon and you'll get 15% off: TAT1LOVE.

BONUS: You can Valentine's gift this to yourself! Why not?

Valentines Day Netflix

7. Netflix Password

Honestly, this just screams commitment. Sharing Netflix passwords is like our generation's wedding vows.

TIP: Create a separate user account for your boo so you don't have to get all mixed up with their viewing interests (and they, yours).

Valentines Day Postit Hearts

8. Post-it Hearts

Similar to the Loving Deck of Cards, this is a lot of work. But the smile on your significant other's face will make it worth it. Write tons of things you love about your cutie (or even favors you promise to do for them!) and create a heart-shaped mural on the mirror. This would be kind of fantastic to wake up to.

HINT: Supplementing this with flowers or candy wouldn't hurt.

Valentines Day I Love You Frames

9. I Love You Frame

It's easy to take your loved one for granted sometimes. Hours turn into days and days turn into months of not letting an important person know just how important they are. This simple "I Love You" frame let's you write with a dry-erase marker the reasons you love your boo.

REMINDER: Place this frame somewhere extremely visible and fill in the blank regularly.

Valentines Day Mason Candles

10. Mason Jar Candles

Mason jars are so legit. Grab a jar, a mini candle that you can drop into the jar and any sort of designed paper, markers, etc. to decorate your Mason Jar candle.

RECOMMENDATION: We love the idea of tearing a page out of a book you're donezo with. Cut a heart into the page and slip it into your jar. Drop your candle in after.

Well, we hope that helps! Happy Valentine's Day!

Peace & love,
Sabeen at The Argan Tree

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