My Choice


As we continue to delve deeper into the notion of |beauty|, we couldn’t help but notice the provocative video recently launched by the Vogue Empower initiative. The video "My Choice" directed by the prominent Homi Adajania, features Bollywood actress Deepica Padukone as well as 98 other women expressing their right to carve their own paths. While it has been received with varying degrees of support or backlash, one cannot deny its ability to start a dialogue in a country faced with disparate gender norms and guidelines.

"My choices are like my fingerprints, they make me unique."

What we admire most about the video lies in the artistry behind its depiction. The #absolutebeauty realized through their evocative facial expressions or body movements is a testament to the notion of empowerment through individuality. Let us know your take on it on one of our social media outlets using the hashtags #vogueempower #mychoice and #absolutebeauty.


Peace & love,
Shailin at The Argan Tree

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