What Does Beauty Mean?


In honor of Spring, we are revisiting and reviving a concept we developed last year - exploring the essence of beauty. As a company that takes pride in its all-natural and sustainable beauty products, we know beauty is more than skin deep - it’s an abstract, deeply personal impression that evokes images of laughter, landscapes, and auras that can't be boxed into any one definition. So here we are again relentlessly exploring what defines “beauty”.

We asked real people to give us their definition for beauty. We learned "beauty" is hardly a physical manifestation, but rather an experience unique to every individual. For the next several weeks, we will be posting a series of interviews where people share their most beautiful moments of personal discovery, achievement, love, parenthood and joy.

Through this campaign, we have realized that the concept of beauty is impossible to contain, and so we decided to liberate it. Inspired by the mathematical concept of absolute value, we were able to develop The Argan Tree's philosophy of Absolute Beauty—beauty that is free from restriction and condition. Submit your own beautiful moments to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #absolutebeauty for a chance to be featured on our website!

Together, let's rediscover our understanding of beauty, and remember that the most beautiful things in life are not cosmetic.


Peace & love,
Shailin at The Argan Tree

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