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Ginseng Root (panax ginseng)

Due to its natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties, ginseng is an ideal ingredient for skin care. We use it in our body wash and body wash to increase the vitality, elasticity, and clarity of skin. Below are 3 reasons why ginseng is one of our key ingredients:

1. Tones and brightens skin

Ginseng contains a high number of phytonutrients which can stimulate the skin’s metabolism and activate blood flow. Through this activation, skin is regenerated and becomes more tone, providing a brighter, healthier appearance.

2. Rejuvenates skin

Being both an antioxidant and a stimulant, Ginseng is ideal for brightening dull, aging skin. It’s great for dealing with under eye circles, puffiness, or other symptoms from lack of sleep, as found in a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. It ultimately energizes your skin for a natural glow.

3. Helps treat acne

The inherent anti-bacterial properties of ginseng make it great at treating a range of skin conditions. It is useful in battling inflammation, dealing with overactive oil glands and may be beneficial in treating acne.

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