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The Argan Tree's unique protein blended uses a combination of keratin, lupine, oat, quinoa, rice, soy, and wheat protein to repair, thicken, and grow hair. While only a subset of these proteins are in The Argan Tree Shampoo, all of them can be found in The Argan Tree Conditioner.

1. Fixes split ends

Keratin, an essential aspect of our unique protein blend, is essentially the form of protein that makes up hair-- it makes up the cortex, or inner portion of each hair strand, along with the outer, protective layer. When hair gets damaged (by heat, chemicals, and frictions) as in the case of split ends, the keratin itself is destroyed and therefore needs to be replaced or repaired by keratin. Oat protein, by conditioning and moisturizing hair strands, helps prevent further split ends from occuring.

2. Thickens hair

Hydrolyzed rice protein expands the diameters of hair shafts, thereby thickening hair to make it look more full-bodied. Soy protein assists in making hair shafts more thick through the amino acid cystine, which strengthens and nourishes them.

3. Helps hair grow

Hydrolyzed quinoa protein is effective in strengthening and protecting hair strands, aiding in hair growth and preventing split ends from occurring. Hydrolyzed soy protein, as discussed above, helps nourish hair shafts to encourage them to grow faster and feed nutrients to the rest of the hair .

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