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The Argan Tree believes in the beauty of sustainability, and the sustainability of beauty. We believe in developing products with purpose, and doing so by using ingredients with integrity. We challenged ourselves to capture the essence of beauty and use it as the driving force of our products and social mission. But first, we posed the question,

"What is beautiful?"

Our answer: beauty, in its most quintessential form, exists as a truth within one's spirit. It is both physically harvested and internally manifested. Natural. Possessed by all. "Absolute value" bears an identity to its most genuine state--free from restriction or condition. That's why we believe that truth is beauty: pure, natural, real, and absolute.

As the world's first beauty cooperative, we strive to set a precedent in the beauty space and build a future where corporations understand that taking responsibility for sustainability initiatives is a mission that goes more than just skin deep. Our all-natural skin and hair care products, made with 100% pure argan oil, utilize contemporary aromatherapy techniques that revitalize the mind and rejuvenate the body.

The beautiful difference of our company lies in returning 100% of profits to our producers and their communities. It lies in stripping away toxic ingredients and embracing the natural self. And it lies in our customers, who advance our mission and become a part of our beauty cooperative.

Our philosophy is simple: the relentless pursuit of absolute beauty.

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